Résumé for Eric R. Forkrud

1012 Dixie Dr.
Hemet, CA. 92543
(818) 642-4351

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Work History
Pacific Coast Expert Networking LLC
2017-08 to Present
Last Supervisor: Eric Forkrud
Phone Number: (818) 642-4351
Last Title: CEO
  • Built a PowerShell Wrapper that would take a list of custom ScriptLets from the server, run the the ScriptLet and then transmit the results back to the server for processing reducing labor for the Asset Tracking for an organization to fully automated.
  • Built a WCF component that would transmit and receive data for the PowerShell Wrapper and store the information with in an SQL Database.
  • Built a Database Synchronization tool that will duplicate the schema and specific records from a "Master" database to slaved databases for specific customers, reducing the updating labor from a day to a monitoring mechanism.
  • Built a Service Monitor that will ensure that specific services are running and responding appropriately. If a service is not running or responding, it will restart the service.
  • Maintained an ASP ERP website using VB6, ASP Classic, AJAX and MS SQL as a back end
  • Enhanced Existing MS Access CRM Database for more automation and ease of use.
  • Enhanced ASP Application to new State requirements and to automatically download employee Timecard Transactions, calculating their missed punches or double punches and using the information to inform the supervisor of the lack of required hours for the Patient to Nursing/CNA ratio, reducing the time from three hours a day, every day to a manual review of the report taking half an hour.